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ISI mark: Even Bengaluru police clueless

Published Jan 20, 2018, 3:14 am IST
Updated Jan 20, 2018, 3:14 am IST
Police find it difficult to identify sub-standard helmets with fake logos.
Picture for representation
 Picture for representation

Bengaluru: While the city police is planning to intensify its drive next month against bike riders using sub-standard helmets, even they have little clarity regarding identifying an authentic ISI (Indian Standard Institute) mark on helmets, certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), from the fake ones.

The traffic police department has recently waritten to BIS, Bengaluru, seeking suggestions on how to identify the authentic ISI mark on helmets. The motorists who are purchasing helmets too are confused over whether the ISI mark on the headgears they bought was original or not. There is also a lot of discussion on social media on this topic.


A senior police officer said that it was a genuine concern and it is necessary for the public to know about the product they are buying.

He added, “We observed that people were selling helmets with ISI marks, but they were of sub-standard quality, which should not be the case. But it is a challenge to prove if the ISI certification has come from BIS or the manufacturers have arbitrarily put the stickers, which is illegal and can draw criminal section.”

In reply to city traffic police’s letter, the BIS had on January 19 stated that the BIS standard mark, is also known as ISI, can be used by only those helmet manufacturers, who are having a valid BIS certification mark licence.

It stated that the authenticity of the ISI mark cannot be confirmed by visual examination and it can be sent to the BIS for checking. Manufacturers who have obtained the BIS licence should abide by certain testing norms. Once a product passes the test and if the BIS officials find that it is of good quality, then the ISI mark can be used. The officer also mentioned that even a minor glitch in the product will be rejected by the BIS, as helmets carry the tag of life saving gear.

Warning to sellers
Another traffic police officer said that on January 18, the traffic police across the city visited various shops and hawkers selling helmets and directed them not to sell helmets without ISI mark. 
“A strict warning was issued to them and next time if they are still found selling non-ISI mark helmets, we will inform the authorities concerned, who can penalize them. Motorists should also buy helmets from licenced shops.”

Policemen to have ISI helmets
When asked if the police department was providing quality helmets for its men, he said, “If it is government provided vehicle, then they will provide the helmet. But they should buy the helmet for themselves if they are using their private vehicles. From February 1, we will check the police personnel and then the public.”

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru