Telangana: No RTC service adds to passenger woes

Adivasi-Lambada unrest led to the harsh decision.

Gudiahathnoor/ Adilabad: People are facing a lot of hardships in reaching their destinations due to the cancellation of RTC bus services since Saturday morning in old Adilabad district. The district administration cancelled the services on Adilabad-Asifabad route as well as Adilabad-Mancherial via Utnoor route following clashes between Adivasis and Lambadas with Section-144 being enforced in the areas.

With no RTC bus service operatingthere, private vehicle owners are having a field day plying vehicles overcrowded with passengers and charging high. In many private autos and jeeps, people were seen travelling in an uncomfortably crowded situation with their luggage tied on to the top of the vehicles as there was no space inside. The owner wanted to accommodate as many passengers as possible.

People going to Mancherial opted to travel via Nirmal and Jannaram from Adilabad town. The number of bus services, however, were cut down even on Nirmal and Mancherial route putting people to hardships as there were only a few private vehicles plying on this stretch. Owners of private vehicles were taking more than 10 passengers in each auto while at least 20 passengers were being transported in jeeps raising risk to the lives of the passengers as well well as the driver and others.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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