Ramajogipeta: Residents want infrastructural development

The once derelict houses were now replaced by Pucca houses and even some multi-storied buildings dot the main road.

Visakhapatnam: Ramajogipeta, which has more than five decades of history, is an example of how urbanisation and development go hand in hand, even if it’s primary stages of development.

The once nondescript, impoverished neighbourhood had managed to reduce the proportion of residents living in poor conditions over the years because of the opportunities available for them in the urban setting. But the infrastructure development didn’t match the colony’s growth story and residents stressed the need of the same.

The once derelict houses were now replaced by Pucca houses and even some multi-storied buildings dot the main road.The colony, which falls into the 20th ward of the city, is a now a mix of old and new residents as many outsiders thro-nged the colony within the recent times. The neighbouring Dandu Bazaar is another attraction with its commercial establishments like fish and vegetable markets.

Kona Veerubabu, an old-timer of the area, explained the transformation of the area from poor housing conditions and public services. “A few commercial establishments used to run their shops in the main road and the thatched huts were situated behind them.

Some residents were also into cattle farming. But slowly urbanisation has taken the cattle farming and huts away from the locality. But the area didn’t get infrastructure at par with other developed localities,” he added.

The huge colony, which houses more than 20,000 residents, has been divided into about 18 lanes. The main road that leads into the colony further extends into Dandu Bazaar, the trademark locality of the city. The MVD Primary and High School in the locality has about 520 students and the school will be spruced up as part of the Smart City plan. Many residents being settlers from the other districts, the area is a home for people from all walks of life.

A. Santosh, a resident of the colony, complained of increasing thefts in the locality. “The area needs to get a facelift in terms of infrastructure as it didn’t get anything new in the last few years. Unfortunately, our colony as well as the neighbouring localities don’t have a park for children to play,” he added. Ch. Murali, N. Gopi and Y. Kiran from the local youth group explained how they celebrate various festivals in the locality, including Ganesh Chaturthi.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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