Modi hails Digital India's solutions

Nation's diversity makes results replicable: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that India's diversity makes it an ideal testing ground for solutions and added that solutions that succeed in India can easily be replicated worldwide.

Speaking at the G20 Digital Economy Ministers' Meet, held in Bengaluru via video message, Modi also highlighted that India's digital public infrastructure offers scalable, secure, and inclusive solutions for global challenges.

The Prime Minister attributed the remarkable digital transformation in India over the last nine years to the launch of the 'Digital India' initiative in 2015. He stressed that India's digital progress is driven by a strong belief in innovation, a commitment to swift implementation, and a dedication to inclusivity where no one is left behind.

"India is an incredibly diverse country. We have dozens of languages and hundreds of dialects. It is home to every religion in the world, and innumerable cultural practices. From ancient traditions to the latest technologies, India has something for everyone," Modi said.

"With such diversity, India is an ideal testing lab for solutions. A solution that succeeds in India can be easily applied anywhere in the world. India is ready to share its experiences with the world," he said.

The Prime Minister informed the delegates that India has created an online 'Global Public Digital Goods Repository - the India Stack' to ensure inclusivity for all.

He welcomed efforts to create a 'Roadmap to Facilitate Cross-Country Comparison of Digital Skills' and encouraged participants to establish a 'Virtual Centre of Excellence on Digital Skilling'.

"These are crucial initiatives to prepare the workforce for the future. As the digital economy expands globally, it will encounter security threats and challenges. Therefore, it's important to establish consensus on the G20 High-Level Principles for a secure, trusted, and resilient digital economy," Modi stressed.

Observing that technology has connected the world like never before, the Prime Minister asserted that it holds the promise of inclusive and sustainable development for all. He emphasised that G20 nations have a unique opportunity to lay the foundations for an inclusive, prosperous, and secure global digital future.

Modi pointed out that digital public infrastructure can advance financial inclusion and productivity. He proposed promoting the use of digital technology among farmers and small businesses, establishing a framework for a global digital health ecosystem, and developing guidelines for the safe and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence.

The Prime Minister further stressed that a comprehensive ecosystem of technology-based solutions can be developed to address humanity's challenges. "All it requires from us are the four C's - Conviction, Commitment, Coordination, and Collaboration," he added.

Additionally, the Prime Minister discussed the development of 'Bhashini,' an AI-powered language translation platform that will facilitate digital inclusion in all of India's diverse languages.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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