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Saveetha launches first-ever fellowship programme on medical clowning

Published Jun 19, 2019, 5:38 am IST
Updated Jun 19, 2019, 5:38 am IST
MeDiClown is a social startup by Fif Fernandes and Hamish Boyd founded in 2013.
 MeDiClown is a social startup by Fif Fernandes and Hamish Boyd founded in 2013.

Chennai: MeDiClown Academy in association with Saveetha Medical College, Chennai is offering a course on medical clowning. The six-month long programme, first of its kind in India, aims to enhance the social and mental well-being of people.

Medical clowning has been practised as a profession in the west for the past 30 years. International scientific research has shown that medical clowning has a significant positive impact in improving mental, emotional and physical health. Stress, anxiety and depression decrease, along with a number of conditions and illnesses including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and infertility, to name a few.

MeDiClown is a social startup by Fif Fernandes and Hamish Boyd founded in 2013. Speaking to Deccan Chronicle about the inspiration behind the startup, Fif says," In 1979, I had come to India to revisit my roots, where I facilitated programs in the villages, slums, orphanages and leper homes. I witnessed a young girl, just a year younger than me who had attempted and succeeded in committing suicide. It left a lasting impression on me and I knew I wanted to do something to spread more joy and laughter in the world."  She says the duo conducted laughter yoga sessions and stress relief classes back in Auroville which subsequently led to the founding of MeDiClown academy. The duo had also attended the Summer Intensive Course at Haifa University, Israel (the only degree program specializing in Medical Clowning).

Fif and Hamish are also planning to expand the social venture further. They also hope to create job opportunities for seniors and youth through this branch of health care.

“The best thing about MeDiClown Academy it speaks about love, speaks about self-love, speaks about connecting with other people through love and that is something amazing about MeDiClown Academy.”, says Maya S Krishnan - Actor, Associate Faculty, MeDiClown Academy, about her experience of working at MeDiClown Academy.

 Criteria for application include a Bachelors or Post-graduate degree in any discipline from a duly recognized university; or life experience. Applications for the course will be closed by June.



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