Hyderabad: Lights at ISB road need fixing

Lack of lights can be especially risky for people on motorcycles in case they hit a pothole.

Hyderabad: Residents have raised concerns that the lack of street lighting at night could cause more accidents and crime around Hyderabad.

Srinivas Bellam of Kukatpally feared dire incidents could happen if the lights are not fixed at some key spots including from IIIT Hyderabad in Gachibowli to Cyient Ltd at ISB Road, around Kukatpally; and on Hitec City Flyover.

He said: “I counted dozens of lights not working during a walk around Vivekananda Nagar in Kukatpally last week. There were some others that were not working on the Hitech City Flyover.

“Lack of lights can be especially risky for people on motorcycles in case they hit a pothole.

“Roads without lights could also become a hot spot for anti-social behaviour if the problem is ignored.”

Mr Bellam, who works as a consultant at Genpact, added: “There is also the issue of an open manhole at the bus stop just after Indian Bank and before the Gachibowli Flyover. There are no lights there, which makes the open manhole especially dangerous.

“I raised a ticket through the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) app last week about the street lighting. I got a call from a technician several times but he was unable to understand the locations I meant. So they are still not functioning.”

While the roads fall under the jurisdiction of the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd (TSIIC) and GHMC, the Hitec City Flyover is maintained by Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA).

Speaking about the issue, a project engineer at TSIIC said: “There was an issue with the lights at ISB Road on Sunday, March 17. We received a complaint at 9.20 pm and got them all to work by 9.45pm. “We try our best to solve any issues immediately”

The HMDA confirmed they are aware of the lack of lighting at certain spots on Hitech City Flyover and added: “It is a maintenance issue and we will replace or repair them at the earliest.”

Hari Chandana, Zonal Commisioner of West Zone at GHMC added: “The lights under the flyover and in the middle of the road are fully functional in Gachibowli and one can check them live through GHMC Dashboard section on the site.

“We usually do not provide lighting on the side of a road, unless it is a smaller road as lights on the median work best for big roads. “But the issue of the bus stop is different. The has been no request for extra lighting yet but if the area does not have adequate lightening, then we will definitely look to provide it.”

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