Anupam Kher attacks JNU students on bail, says they are not Olympic heroes

One who talks ill of the country, how can he be celebrated as hero? He is not Sachin, Saina or Hanumanathappa.'

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Anupam Kher, who has been critical of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students in wake of the sedition row, questioned how can one who 'speaks ill' of the country be celebrated as if he was an Olympic medal winner.

Kher, who was at JNU campus for screening of his movie 'Buddha in a traffic jam' on Friday, made a reference of JNU students' union president Kanhaiya Kumar saying, "He is out on bail, he hasn't come back with a medal from Olympics that he should be accorded such huge welcome."

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"One who talks ill of the country, how can he be celebrated as hero? Has he got an Olympic medal? He is out on bail. He is not Sachin, Saina or Hanumanathappa," he said, without naming Kanhaiya or others.

"He said that he comes from a poor family but my question is what did you contribute to remove their poverty? My father's salary was Rs 90 when I got my first scholarship of Rs 200 and I had sent Rs 110 to my family. What did you do," he asked.

The screening of Kher's film went on amid shouting of slogans by Left-affiliated groups who gave him a thumbs down.

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Kher had earlier alleged that JNU refused to screen his film considering the present atmosphere at the campus, a charge denied by the university.

Further attacking Kanhaiya, Kher asked, "You talk about everything that according to you is wrong in the country. But what did you contribute to nation other than your criticism?

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"Let's not talk about what is not working in the country but what is happening in the country. You are here to study and not do politics and even if you are doing it, don't do any politics against the country," he said.

"I also heard someone saying that he wants freedom in India and not from India. If the country is your home than how is freedom in or from is different," he asked.

Lauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kher said, "It is after years that we have got such a good prime minister. We are also trying to get you all back on road to revolution and patriotism."

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Referring to himself as a true Indian he said, "The India in me will always be alive. I am not old. I am like our country who will get younger with times."

( Source : PTI )
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