Vijayawada: Huge demand for houses in capital region villages

Naidu requested the house owners not to increase rents which are already high in Vijayawada city.

Vijayawada: The villages around Vela-gapudi will be in huge demand for its status as temporary secretariat.

The location of temporary Secretariat at Velagapudi and its surrounding villages are more convenient especially for residential purpose of employees who will be shifted from Hyderabad to Velagapudi to join the state administration run from new venue.

Presently Vijayawada city is 15 km away while Guntur is 28 km and Mangalagiri is 12 km away from the temporary secretariat location. On the other hand, several villages like Uddandarayunipalem (2 km), Lingaya-palem (2 km), Thullur (3 km), Inavolu (3 km) and Mandadam (4 km) are very near to Velagapudi village.

Besides, Ibrahimpatnam mandal surrounds are stra-ight opposite to Velagapudi village towards north direction in Krishna district. The houses are available for cheaper rents than cities like Guntur and Vijayawada.

Though Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu requested the house owners not to increase rents which are already high in Vijayawada city. According to reports, presently the employees are worried from increasing rents in the two cities. Significantly not only the employees but Mr Naidu also expressed his displeasure over abnormal rents, particularly in Vijayawada city.

In this backdrop, the employees may select the villages for their residence. From following the developments, several builders have planned new ventures in various villages near the temporary secretariat. The vacant plots in the villages are being planned for constructing residential buildings.

Presently the builders are not in a position to construct new ventures in vacant lands in the villages even which are outside the Amaravati capital location also due to new rules from Capital Regional Develop-ment Authority (CRDA).

But the vacant plots which are below 500 metres from the villages, are being proposed for various new structures. However, the village atmosphere is very peaceful, pollution free and there is no problem of traffic jams.

The employees may select the villages for their residential purpose, if the existing houses are sufficient. But the employees number is high and available accommodation is inadequate says builder A Sivarami Reddy, He said that the CRDA should encourage the construction in the villages within 500 metres as per its rules.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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