Karimnagar: Long queue for families wanting to adopt a kid

Procedure is difficult but 78 couples sign up to adopt.

Karimnagar: There was a considerable increase in the number of families adopting children 2015 as against the previous year.

However, fewer childless parents are coming forward to register their names to adop children this year, apparently beause of the complex procedures involved in adoption.

According to information provided by Integrated Children Development Scheme officials, nine children were adopted by parents in 2015 when compared with two in 2014.

In 2013, nine children, three boys and six girls, were adopted, officials said.
Five female and two male kids aged below 6 are available at the specialised adoption agency run by the government. Eleven couples enrolled their names on website of the Central Adoption Resource Authority seeking a child through adoption, in 2015.

With this, 78 parents are awaiting their turn to adopt a child. “Illiterate parents find it hard to complete the procedure as they cannot read short messages sent to their mobile phones, informing them of the availability of children. Parents who have basic education can easily follow the process. One can now find children across the country instead of their native district following the nationalised system,” said Karimnagar district child protection officer D. Parveena.

At the same time, it is learned that officials of Maharashtra and some northern states are declining parents of southern states, citing language problems. “Consequently, couples in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are unable to get kids of their choice. This concern has to be addressed,” opined an official.

Procedure to adopt a child

In order to adopt a child, the family needs needs to fill the application form on the Central Adoption Resource Authority website and upload relevant documents.

The couples have to submit a demand draft of '6,000 and furnish hard copies of credentials to authorities of ICDS in their respective district.

ICDS officials prepare a home study report of the prospective adoptive parents. On being selected, couples are informed over SMS about the availability of children.

On choosing a child, they have to sign the child study and medical test reports of the child. The child is taken in pre-adoption foster care within 10 days from the date of acceptance, after signing undertakings.

The SSA files the adoption petition in a local court within seven days. The court disposes of the case within two months of filing the petitions.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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