Villagers object to takeover of more lands for Kaleshwaram

Farmers pointed out that they haven\'t got any compensation for the lands that were given for developmental works to government

KARIMNAGAR: Farmers of Gangadhara mandal in Karimnagar district protested when officials arrived on Wednesday for survey of additional lands that would submerge after capacity of Kaleshwaram project is increased.

Revenue officials led by tahsildar Srinivas had to leave Kondannapalli and Rangaraopalli villages without conducting the survey. The tahsildar and assistant sub-inspector of police Naresh, who had arrived amid tight security, told the villagers not to obstruct their work, as they are performing their duties as per government’s instructions.

Farmers pointed out that they have already handed over some of their lands for developmental works to government. But they have not got any compensation yet. Now, the government wants to take over additional lands for increasing the capacity of the project. The villagers remained adamant on not allowing the survey.

Meanwhile, Choppadandi assembly segment Congress in-charge Medipally Satyam arrived and extended his party’s support to farmers. He alleged the TRS government is increasing the capacity of the Kaleshwaram project only to collect more commission from contractors.

He pointed out that the government is already insisting on farmers not to cultivate paddy, the only crop that requires considerable water. Alternate crops do not require much water. The existing availability of 2 TMC of water is more than enough for growing crops as currently done. “Clearly, the proposal to increase the project capacity by 1 TMC more if only to line the pockets of TRS leaders,” Satyam charged.

He said Congress will support the farmers’ fight against the state government till it withdraws its decision to increase the capacity of Kaleshwaram project by one more TMC.

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