Registrations under land scheme begin in Andhra Pradesh

Under this, land registration services started in 37 villages

VIJAYAWADA: Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy on Tuesday inaugurated the registration services for lands under the YSR Jagananna Saswatha Bhoo Hakku Bhoo Raksha scheme. Under this, land registration services started in 37 villages.

The chief minister said, “By the grace of God, for the first time in the country, we have completed this comprehensive land survey in 51 villages in our state in the most scientific manner, using the latest technology. In 37 of the 51 villages surveyed, we are starting the process of registration of lands and properties in village secretariats, which is the first of its kind.”

Terming the YSR Jagananna Saswatha Bhoo Hakku and Bhoo Raksha scheme as a great reform and a revolutionary step, Jagan said that the resurvey of lands has been taken up after 100 years. The government is committed to provide clear title deeds to the rightful owners after proper and scientific resurvey.

The CM also inaugurated the registration process in 37 villages said that in the first phase, the resurvey was completed in 51 villages and the process would be completed in 11,501 villages by December 2022.

The resurvey would ensure that there would be no scope for any future litigation and the land deals can be carried out at village level with the implementation of the scheme.

He said that the reforms had to be taken up as 90 per cent of the disputes are civil litigations and there are complaints of tampering with land records and the boundaries are not well marked. These problems can be solved if the land markings are done scientifically and an identification number is given to all landholders, the CM said.

Jagan said the land resurvey was started with a budget of around Rs 1,000 crore, pressing into action some 4,500 survey teams, with 70 CORS base stations and 2,000 rovers employing modern technology. In the first phase the resurvey was held in 51 villages covering 29,563 acres in which 3,304 objections were resolved. The chief minister dedicated these resurveyed records to the people.

Jagan said the remaining lands would also be resurveyed by June 2023, in phases, and the registration would be carried in the respective village secretariats with a unique identity number. Mandal Mobile Magistrate teams will clear the objections; and once the resurvey is completed, the state will take forward the Permanent Land Right Certificate issuing programme.

This will put an end to the play of middlemen and the data can be viewed online from their respective villages besides speedy disposal of F line in 15 days) and subdivision applications in 30 days. After the resurvey is complete, registrations will be done at village secretariat level.

Minister for Panchayatraj and Rural Development Ramachandra Reddy, Minister for Municipal and Urban Development Botsa Satyanarayana, Education Minister Adimulapu Suresh, Chief Secretary Sameer Sharma and other officials were present.

Meanwhile, Rampachodavaram sub-collector Katta Simhachalam said Gogumilli’ village in Rampachodavarm Division has been selected as a “pilot project'' to conduct resurvey successfully under YSR Jagananna Saswatha Bhoo Hakku and Bhoo Raksha scheme, and this was completed in the village.

Participating as chief guest in the Grama Sabha to declare borders and roads in the lands of the village as well as the agriculture fields at Gogumilli on Tuesday, Simhachalam said the remaining villages would also be surveyed soon.

Meanwhile, East Godavari district collector Chevuri Hari said nearly 4,004.63 acres of land belonging to 2,504 land owners have been put for resurvey with sophisticated equipment and 3,609 parcel maps and all these landowners would be given “Land Right Certificates’’ through sub-registrars of Village Secretariats.

He said that the state government took up the project after 100 years. Due to the resurvey of the lands, many land disputes can be sorted out and the land transactions would be easier.

He said the resurvey programme was being conducted in 1616 villages except 69 polvaram-submerged villages and in the first phase, the resurvey was being conducted in 288 villages. It will be done in 576 villages in the second phase and 752 villages in third and last phase.

He said that with the help of Survey of India, the survey is being conducted with drones, rovers and GPS technology.

The resurvey for the lands has been conducted as a pilot project in six villages like Illindrad of Pithapuram mandal, Sirivada of Peddapuram, Palagummi of Amalapuram, Utrumilli of Ramachandrapuram, Bhupalapatnam in Rajanagaram mandal and Gogumilli in Rampachodavaram mandal.

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