Air India curtails US operations over 5G issue, four flights suspended

In a statement issued by FAA on their website over the issue.

New Delhi: After several international airlines curtailed their operations to the United States due to deployment of 5G communications in the US, Air India on Wednesday also suspended four of its flights scheduled to the US.

Air India announced the suspension of flight operations between Delhi Airport and San Francisco, Chicago and John F Kennedy. It will also suspend a Mumbai to Newark flight. It will continue to fly into Washington DC's Dulles International Airport.

Air India in a tweet said, "Due to deployment of 5G communications in the USA, our operations to the USA from India stand curtailed/revised with change in aircraft type from 19th January 2022. Update in this regard will be informed shortly."

In another tweet, Air India informed, "Due to deployment of the 5G communications in the USA, we will not be able to operate the following flights of 19th Jan'22: AI101/102 DEL/JFK/DEL, AI173/174 DEL/SFO/DEL, AI127/126 DEL/ORD/DEL and AI191/144 BOM/EWR/BOM."

After getting queries from passengers of the above-mentioned flights, Air India informs that booking with scheduled flights are confirmed as of now, if any changes are made in the schedule by the airline then you will be get notified of the same. Please standby for further updates.

International airlines like Emirates, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and seven others demanded immediate intervention of US authorities to resolve the issue at the earliest for smooth flight operations. The airlines said that interference between the new 5G cell phone service and critical airplane technologies, could pose threat to passenger safety.

According to reports, after being protest registered by international airlines, the US telecommunication giants have now decided to temporarily limit 5G services around some airports.

The Federal Aviation Administration has been worried that 5G cellular antennas near some airports as it results into the malfunction of certain systems in the plane like radar altimeters that are used throughout a flight and are considered critical equipment.

In a statement issued by FAA on their website over the issue.

"We recognize the economic importance of expanding 5G, and we appreciate the wireless companies working with us to protect the flying public and the country's supply chain. The complex U.S. airspace leads the world in safety because of our high standards for aviation, and we will maintain this commitment as wireless companies deploy 5G," said US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

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