Bengaluru: Mayor Sampath Raj makes beeline to see satire Humble Politician Nograj

The event was organised by Bangalore Political Action Committee.

Bengaluru: In a never seen before event, corporators, Mayor Sampath Raj and Congress MP Rajeev Gowda along with citizens were seen enjoying the political satire, Humble Politician Nograj at a packed theatre on Thursday. The event was organised by Bangalore Political Action Committee.

The movie that was released last week has been well received commercially and critically for the satirical take on the way politicians resolve city's burgeoning issues.On being asked if the movie left the audience with a little hope, the director of the movie, Saad Khan said, "The movie leaves everyone with a subtle message that the politicians are ultimately chosen by the citizens. There is no man like Nogroj (movie central character) except Nogroj."

Welcomed amidst thunder and applause from the audience, the lead actor, Danish Sait, commented that the current system of politics gave them the idea to make the movie. Taking a jibe on the fringe who put a ban on the scheduled event of actress Sunny Leone on December 31, Sait said, "What have we come to? The voters need to change and we cannot complain always."

He, however, cleared the air that he does not want to become a politician, but would perform his duty as a voter. The movie's take on the corruption at the level of the corporator has been widely appreciated by the cinema lovers who on the social media have expressed that they have faced corruption at ward level.

When DC asked the Mayor if there is a probability for a common citizen to win an election, he said, "There is a huge probability. At present citizens were empowered with RTI and social media though which they can raise issues." He, however, disagreed with certain parts of the movie, one of which, he perceived that the movie that tried to show slum dwellers as illiterate. "If one takes the round of any slum in the city, they would find literate. Though I agree that corruption is there in politics, but at the end of the day, citizens are empowered to bring a change, "he pointed out.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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