Karnataka govt relaxes restrictions on sandalwood plantations

BENGALURU: The increasing demand for sandalwood both domestic and internationally and to meet the growing demands, the State Government has come out with Sandalwood policy-2022 wherein a provision has been made for the farmers to grow sandalwood in their fields and later sell the sandalwood in the open market.

Earlier, there were restrictions on selling sandalwood in the open market, stated Minister for Health Sudhakar while giving out details of the cabinet meeting held on Thursday evening.

Elaborating on the policy, Sudhakar said that Sandalwood policy-2022 was mentioned in the budget and the step to allow farmers to grow and sell them in the open market is to boost their income levels.

With the policy coming into effect, Sudhakar said that steps will also be initiated to offer protection to sandalwood to check thefts. With the use of technology, he said, a chip will be inserted to sandalwood trees which will enable it to detect thefts, if any.

To a query, the minister said, “The availability of sandalwood is not enough to meet the requirements and sandalwood has been imported from Australia presently.”

In future, if a farmer wants to sell sandalwood in an open market, the minister said steps will be taken to purchase sandalwood for state-run Karnataka Soaps and Detergents besides, private parties also need sandalwood. Time and again, he said, farmers will be guided on sandalwood selling.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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