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Roads continue to haunt motorists

Published Nov 18, 2019, 1:35 am IST
Updated Nov 18, 2019, 4:02 am IST
Write to us. Your problems, your issues — and send a few photographs. We will fight for you, raise your issues, as always.
Stray cattle
 Stray cattle

Stray cattle problem in Pot Market
We are jewellers who operate our businesses and run our shops from Pot Market, near the Monda Market, Secunderabad. We are facing a huge problem with stray cattle, which roam in and around our market. They make the market roads dirty with dung. They sit on the road and cause traffic jams the entire day. I request concerned authorities to take immediate action and make our market cattle free and business trouble free.
— Gautam Munot, Pot Market

Need health info in multiple languages
I want to bring to the notice of the health department that all information regarding health and notices at urban primary health centres are written only in Telugu language. But for many patients like me, who do not know how to read Telugu, this knowledge is unavailable. May I request authorities to see that they carry all information and posters regarding various health issues and how to prevent diseases in different languages, including in English.
—D. Manoj Kumar, Secunderabad


Stray dogs menace in Mahendra Hills
Stray dogs in big groups have become a menace to pedestrians in our city in different parts. Now, this problem is of every citizens, and the strays have taken over our roads almost everywhere. I regularly go for a walk both in the morning and evening in Mahendra Hills. I am always on the watch for a dog following me. There are people, who claiming to dog lovers, feed such strays near their homes. These dogs settle nearby in groups, expecting to be fed. Pedestrians have no alternative other than avoiding that particular road as these dogs are very aggressive towards them. Now, we have to abandon the entire city. Will concerned authorities do something in this regard?
— Uppu Narasimha Murthy, Dhanalakshmi Society, Mahendra Hills

Ed dept imperils women safety
I wish to bring to the kind attention of the education department that, despite being under a glowing banner called education, they themselves display a mockery of common sense. My daughter is attending MBA exams and her centre is located on the outskirts of the city. How do educated people expect a girl to go so far to take her exams? Do these officials think for a second on how they too play a crucial role in safety of women? There are various departments taking every measure to ensure safety of women, but, time and again, I notice the education department ignoring this important area in taking their decisions. I urge the officials concerned to keep in mind safety to women while scheduling and allocating centres.
—N.B. Stephenson, East Anandbagh

Seats reserved for senior citizens
It is often observed that seats reserved for senior citizens in public transport are occupied by youngsters, depriving the benefit of reserved seats to the older people.  May I request through DC’s Speak Out to youth to not occupy seats meant for seniors.
— R.S. Murty, Hyderabad

Irregular times for water supply
I am a resident of PS Nagar, Masab Tank, close to the hockey ground. The drinking water supply in our area is erratic. We get water on alternate days since many years, but that too has no fixed time. Sometimes, the supply starts at 2 pm, at others at 2.50 pm, even 3.25 pm or 4 pm. A few days ago, it was given at 7.45 pm. We residents are held up for hours at home because of this irregular schedule. We request DC’s Speak Out to solve this problem so that we residents can receive water at a fixed time.
— Dr Khaja Hamid Mohiuddin, Masab Tank

Delay in issue of new ration card
I am requesting the government to kindly issue me a new ration card. We have applied for a new ration card through the Mee Seva centre, Yapral. My Mee Seva application no. TTFSC021902374600 Dated June 28, has so far not even been viewed. I have escalated the complaint to the commissioner and other higher officials of the GHMC for their attention and action, but no action has so far been taken.
— Vijayan Kowkoor, Yapral

Rahmatnagar library is closed
The public library at Rahmathnagar has a listed time of being open from 8 am to 11 am and another slot from 5 pm to 8 pm. The notice board outside the library informs readers and the general public that it would be open on all days. Unfortunately, it is always closed.

As an avid reader, I tend not to rely on online books and resources, but also can’t afford to buy all the books that I need. Hence, I prefer to refer the books at the library or borrow them. But, whenever I go there, it is closed. The maintenance of the library premises is the worst, with garbage and fruit vendors almost covering the entire footpath and approach road, because of which the PJR satute in front of the library is seldom visible.

I request DC’s Speak Out to highlight the issue so that the library can open and helps many poor scholars like me.
— Anikha Ahmed, Hyderabad


Car abandoned
A car has been abandoned since last four four months in the Quality Lifestyle Apartment lane in Saidabad. Nobody seems to have a clue on what to do. No officials from either the GHMC or the traffic police have attended to this issue despite my several complaints. I request DC’s Speak Out to bring this to notice of concerned authority.
— Raju Singh, Saidabad


Fallen trees obstruct traffic on Gough Road
I regularly use the Gough Road to reach Secunderabad via the AOC Gate. Just outside the gates of the regional NSG hub, several trees and a utility pole have fallen down during the October thunderstorms. But these haven’t been cleared yet. They partially obstruct the flow of traffic on road. During evening hours, it takes almost 20 minutes to just clear this stretch of road, which is barely half a kilometre. The local military authority and the Secunderabad Cantonment Board have been turning a blind eye towards this issue. I request you to bring this to their notice so that action can be taken by concerned authorities.
— Dr Sudhir Mane

Need road divider at Aziznagar
I have requested several times to the GHMC and traffic police to increase the height of a road divider on the Aziznagar stretch of the Moinabad road, but to no avail. It is a virtual ‘free for all’ situation for all commuters, two and four wheelers alike. There are no restrictions whatsoever, and people turn a right, left or a U-turn on random whim. This is causing grievous accidents, including to pedestrians. Please increase the height of divider by at least two feet to eliminate this serious traffic problem and save precious lives. Let the authorities note that it specially causes trouble for students from several nearby colleges.
— Hadi Khan, Yenkapally


Hawkers occupy road in Sitaphalmandi
I would like to bring to the notice of the government and GHMC of how some hawkers are occupying half the road in Mylargada, opposite Bank of Baroda. People residing nearby face difficulty in travelling on that route because these hawkers have occupied half the road. You can’t drive past the approach road towards the Ganesha temple, opposite BoB, in Sitaphalmandi, Secunderabad. I am attaching pictures for you to see how bad the situation is.
— Srikanth Dubey, Mylargada

Bad roads in Quthbullapur
I am a resident of Star Homes, IDPL, in Quthbullapur. We are having a huge problem because of bad roads. This becomes a problem for school children and youths, who takes buses to go to their schools and colleges. We residents also have to ply our vehicles on the bad road. Though this problem has been a continual one, it has been a very bad situation for us from past six months. Nobody in the GHMC is responding or trying to make an effort to resolve the issue. I am attaching the photographs to give the officials a sense of our concern. Hope, DC’s Speak Out will help solve our problem.
— Chotu Waheed, IDPL


Drainage woes at Sri Ram Nagar colony
We are suffering because of bad and ill-maintained drainage at Sri Ram Nagar Colony, BK Guda, SR Nagar. We had contacted the government and registered a complaint at both the GHMC office as well as the app. We have even met with our area corporator Bal Reddy. No one has even acknowledged our problem, let alone responded to it. When we registered a complaint at the GHMC office, they gave us a token no: 4417 on September 6, but nothing happened after that. This issue is creating huge problems of both traffic and health for nearby people.
We request DC’s Speak Out to bring this issue to attention of government and help solve this problem.
— Srinivas Goud, BK Guda, S R Nagar


Garbage burning in Padmaraonagar
I am a resident of Padmarao Nagar. We are facing a big problem of smoke and pollution due to burning of garbage on a land opposite my apartment. I request you to kindly raise this issue of recklessly burning of garbage, not only in my area but also in other residential areas. I am attaching a photograph of the act. When will GHMC realise the dangers to our environment owing to their faulty policies?
— Esther Vineela, Padmarao Nagar


Drainage water leak in Maa Santoshi Colony
I am a resident of Maa Santoshi Colony, Phase 1, Risala Bazaar, Bolaram, under the GHMC Alwal limits. It has been more than a month since we registered an online complaint with the GHMC website regarding drainage water leakage from a manhole. Still it is not been rectified but the complaint has been closed, without resolving it. I am shocked at how these officials can close a complaint without addressing it at all. I request concerned authorities to kindly look into it as it is spreading throughout the Colony, causing viral fever and dengue here.
— Shravan Kumar, Risala Bazaar


Cracks in my house due to excavation by neighbour
I am a resident of Madhura Hills Colony, Shaikpet. My immediate neighbour excavated a 12’’ cellar in an adjacent plot of about 120 sq.yards overnight, without leaving sufficient offset and without constructing a retaining wall, because of which long horizontal cracks have developed in my house on the excavation side, raising a risk to life and property. No action has been taken by GHMC even after two months since submission of the complaint, first lodged on September 16 this year. On top of it, heaps of debris have been dumped on the roadside. I urge the authorities concerned to arrange for construction of a retaining wall immediately to prevent further damages to my house, which I built with my hard earned retirement benefits. My complaint reference ID is – 260919525305.
— Nafia Akhtar, Shaikpet


Macadamise the road
I congratulate and thank Deccan Chronicle for reinvigorating and launching Speak Out as initiative – it is great and gives people a strong voice. I am a permanent resident of Suncity Bandlaguda, which comes under the Rajendernagar constituency. I am attaching a picture of the lane that is located opposite the Honda bike showroom. This road goes up a hill and is imperative for people living in PNT Colony and Suncity to use this road for daily commute. It is one of the few lanes that connects us to the main road. Unfortunately, the road has never been laid properly, or even repaired after the terrible and heavy rains that have further damaged it. It is very uneven and rocky and impossible for pedestrians to walk on it. Water tankers, gas delivery vehicles and even autos don’t want to climb up the hillock as they are scared of damaging their tyres. I request the GHMC to urgently construct a proper road as soon as possible and make our lives easy.
— Munawaruddin Shaik Imam, Ooha’s Nest, Suncity, Bandlaguda


Ramanna Kunta lake in Bowenpally polluted
I am attaching a photo, besides a letter to HMDA regarding the high levels of pollution of the Ramanna Kunta lake in Bowenpally. It was a promise made by minister K.T. Rama Rao to restore the lake. He had directed the HMWS&SB to initiate the work. Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav, along with Secunderabad Cantonment Board CEO Chandrasekhar and other SCB members, visited the lake and promised to complete the works before monsoon. Presently, the lake is totally covered with hyacinth and has become a hub for mosquito breeding. There have been many dengue cases reported from our colonies surrounding the lake. When will the government act?
— Dr N.L.N. Reddy, Director, CDC, CBIT