HMRL’s skyways find two takers

Construction however has started at Raidurg.

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited had proposed linking major commercial and residential complexes with its stations through skywalks. The idea was to ensure that passengers did not have to cross the traffic-filled streets and enter the Metro premises directly.

Despite its potential benefits, HMRL as received only two proposals. Highly placed sources in the HMRL said the cost appeared to be dissuading building owners. As much as Rs 80 lakh is required to construct a skywalk from a new structure, and Rs 60 lakh for old buildings.

Metro Rail officials have been spreading word of the skyway proposals at private events where representatives from mega infrastructure companies gather. This has also resulted in a lack of publicity for the offer, and 90 per cent of the citizens were unaware the proposal.

One announcement was made by HMRL managing director N.V.S. Reddy during the Rise Infrastructure Hyderabad Conference organised the Confederation of Indian Industry last month

Mr Reddy had announced, “From a Metro station, any building or group of buildings, if you people come together, I will give you straightaway access to the skywalk from the Metro station without charging. The nuances related to these are being discussed and this is the initial announcement. The skywalks will be connecting from the concourse level of the Metro station to the buildings. I request you make use of this opportunity as ground level sidewalks will take time in India due to encroachments”.

Asked about the response, Mr Reddy said that a skywalk construction had been started by Raheja Mindspace at the Raidurg station and another one proposed by the Phoenix group was still under discussion.

These were the only two responses. Mr Reddy said that skywalks connecting to the Metro station will be thing of the future where people can avoid the traffic.

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