Hyderabad: What is death,' wonders 8-year-old who kicked junior to death

The boy claimed six-year-old Ibrahim had beaten him first and he retaliated.

Hyderabad: A day after the death of a class I student in a scuffle with his senior, the eight-year-old, accused of bullying the junior does not understand what the hue and cry around him is all about. “What is death?” he asks, perturbed.

Mohammed Ibrahim, a six-year-old Class I student at Promising Scholars High School at Toli Chowki died on Saturday of injuries he had reportedly suffered in a quarrel with the boy, two years older than him, on the school campus on Tuesday.

The quarrel broke out between the children after the eight-year-old teased Ibrahim for a runny nose.

Infuriated, Ibrahim verbally abused his senior, triggering a scuffle, which ended with the eight-year-old kicking Ibrahim in his stomach and private parts multiple times.

Ibrahim collapsed immediately after receiving the brutal blows, and was rushed to the hospital by the school staff, where he was administered first aid and sent home.

But he was rushed to the hospital for a second time after complaining of severe pain in his private parts. The doctors at the Niloufer Hospital performed two surgeries on Ibrahim, but he succumbed to his injuries on Saturday.

Banjara Hills police on Sunday questioned the student accused of harassing Ibrahim, and his classmates and the teachers at the school to find out how the incident happened.

When police questioned the older boy about the murder, he asked, “Mar gaya matlab kya hai?” (What does it mean he has died?) He claimed that Ibrahim had beaten him and he retaliated.

Ibrahim was the son of Mohammed Abdul Majeed, a Meru Cab driver from Toli Chowki.

Majeed said Ibrahim had complained of pain in the groin and had said that a student from Class II had kicked him. Majeed found the testicles swollen, and took him to the hospital, where doctors performed two surgeries on his abdomen and testicles.

“He had said that the boy would beat him often. That day, when he kicked my son, Ibrahim said he walked away. But the boy came after him and kicked him four times,” Majeed said.

Police has registered a case for culpable homicide not amounting to murder under 304(II) of IPC against the Class II student. “As he is a minor, we will inquire into the case and proceed as per the guidelines of the Juvenile Justice Act,” Banjara Hills inspector K Srinivas said.

Police said that CCTVs in the school could not record the incident as there was a power cut at that time. The police is yet to establish whether the incident happened inside a classroom or outside.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim’s parents alleged the school’s careless attitude on children’s safety led to the incident.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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