Hyderabad: Jobless engineering graduate records video, kills self

Saroornagar inspector said that Sai had lost his parents long ago. “He seems to have taken this step due to personal issues.

Hyderabad: In another incident of a victim recording a video before committing suicide, a 21-year-old engineering graduate in search of a job recorded two videos at Saroornagar on Wednesday night.

Batkula Sai recorded one video before hanging and the second after tying the noose around his neck. Sai, who lost both his parents long ago, says in the video that he badly misses his family, including his aunt and her husband who had been taking care of him after his parents’ death. Sai attended an interview on Wednesday, but did not clear it. “There is so much pain which cannot be put in words. But I am dying without achieving anything in life. Nobody is responsible for this. You may think it is foolishness, but only a person who is undergoing the pain knows its effect. That’s why I am taking this decision.” he said in the video. After tying the noose around his neck, he said goodbye and appealed that nobody should follow his footsteps. Then stretching his arms, with the noose around his neck, he said “Navvutu batakali, navvutu chavali (smile when you live, smile when you die).”

However after a few moments, he loosened the noose and came back to his mobile kept at a distance, saying he was confident of dying, but did not have enough courage. After this, the video went blank and later he was found hanging in his flat.

According to the police, Sai, hailing from Nalgonda district, moved to the city a few weeks ago and was residing with three friends in a rented flat at Saroornagar. He had been attending interviews but could not clear them.

On Wednesday evening, after returning from an interview, he was alone in the room while the other roommates were away. At 10.30 pm, one of his friends called him but there was no response. He then called his brother who asked his friend, Venkatachari, to check the room.

Saroornagar inspector N. Ch. Rangaswamy said that Sai had lost his parents long ago. “He seems to have taken this step due to personal issues. But his brother Sudheer suspects his roommates.”

Friends and the house maintenance person of being responsible. We are probing all angles. Based on the evidence, the investigation will proceed." said the Inspector

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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