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Nadu-Nedu transforms 15,000 government schools in AP

Published Apr 18, 2022, 6:46 am IST
Updated Apr 18, 2022, 6:46 am IST
Another 25,000 government schools are getting a facelift in phase 2 with a spend of Rs 11,267 crore. (Representational Image/ DC)
 Another 25,000 government schools are getting a facelift in phase 2 with a spend of Rs 11,267 crore. (Representational Image/ DC)

Vijayawada: The innovative Mana-Badi Nadu-Nedu programme in Andhra Pradesh has brought revolutionary changes in more than 15,000 government schools in its first phase. This is helping in an additional enrollment of nearly two lakh students.

Another 25,000 government schools are getting a facelift in phase 2 with a spend of Rs 11,267 crore. This would switch the ambiance of the government education system to a level that will match with the standards of well-run corporate schools.

Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy is giving top priority to the modernisation of schools under Nadu-Nedu (Then and Now). This is showing good results as a majority of parents are satisfied with the way government schools have been modernized and are shifting their children to state schools from private schools.

Only two years are left for the YSRC government before the next polls. Hence, the chief minister is keen on completion of the modernisation drive in 25,000 government schools, to bring them on par with private and corporate schools. This, he hopes, would encourage a large number of parents to support the YSRC in the 2024 elections.

Nearly 44 lakh students are studying in the government schools in AP. Hence, the ruling party aims to increase enrolments in the next two years through modernization of all state schools.

The Mana-Badi Nadu-Nedu was started on 14 November 2019, under which ten elements of infrastructure were developed in the schools. Modernisation of toilets with continuous water supply, safe drinking water, necessary repairs to schools, setting up of fans and tube lights for each room, furniture for students and teachers, green chalkboard, painting, English Lab, retaining wall and  kitchens have all been arranged. This changes the dull looks of government schools and turns them into modern educational institutions.

The government provides English-Telugu dictionaries along with uniforms, school bags, text books, notebooks, workbooks, belts, socks and shoes to the students.

Further, English-medium teaching, Amma Vodi and introduction of CBSE syllabus have all turned into a boon to students. “As a result, parents are preferring government schools to private schools. This is helping them save on education expenditure for better financial management,” a teacher noted.

Private sector employees S Chandrasekhar and K Balamurali said that the government schools have been totally reformed in AP on par with the corporate schools in the state. “There is no donation, no fee and no extra charges in the government schools. Further, the uniform, dictionary,  shoes, socks, textbooks, notebooks, belt and a school bag with Amma Vodi and the offer of English medium are is a big boon to children from ordinary families.”

Political observers note that nearly 44 lakh students studying in government schools and their parents play an important role in the 2024 assembly elections. Hence, Jagan Reddy aims to complete the modernisation process in the rest of 25,000 government schools too at the earliest, they noted.

Education minister Botsa Satyanarayana said AP’s Nadu-Nedu is the first-of-its kind programme in the country that turned government schools into top-class educational institutions. CM Jagan emphasized on completing the phase-2 of Nadu-Nedu works in 25000 schools, along with 468 junior colleges, soon. Hence, measures were initiated to speed up the works at an expenditure of Rs 11,267 crore, he said.

More than 15,000 government schools modernized under the innovative Mana-Badi Nadu-Nedu programme in AP

Now, another 25,000 government schools are getting a facelift in phase 2 with a spend of`11,267 crore; switching the ambiance of the government education system.

The enrollment in government schools in the state was 42.83 lakh by 2014-15 and it had dropped to 37.21 lakh by 2018-19. The enrollment has reached back  to 43.44  lakh  by 2020-21.

English medium, free provision of all necessities including uniforms, text/note books, shoes, dictionary, school bag, belt, socks with Amma Vodi and CBSE syllabus were attractions in AP. This  helped provide good education to children without any expenditure.

 YSRC government engaged in modernisation of 25K government schools under Nadu-Nedu; benefits to come in 2 years



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