Youth in Amravati feel betrayed

The unemployed educated youth of Amaravati capital region are up in arms against the CRDA.

GUNTUR: The unemployed educated youth of Amaravati capital region are up in arms against the CRDA.They are claiming that CRDA officials, Telugu Desam leaders and CRDA vice-chairman and minister for municipal administration P. Narayana assured about providing jobs for offering farmlands to the new capital establishment Amaravati to CRDA under LPS.

Skill development training was offered in 16 fields by the CRDA like IT, software, apps development, planning and construction technology. The 112 members of the first batch of educated youth completed skill development training three months ago but still they are unemployed due to refusal of employment by the CRDA.

An engineering youth of Penumaka, B. Teja, who completed CRDA skill development programme, claimed that his parents had offered valuable farmlands to the CRDA under LPS against the promise of jobs in the CRDA but sadly minister Mr Narayana and CRDA officials turned down the promise.

He alleged that he spent nearly Rs 50,000 to get skill development training for four months but the CRDA did not pay the expences and paid only Rs 1,500 stipend against promised Rs 3,000 per month.

Capital Youth Associ-ation vice-president D. Lenin lamented that they met Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, ministers and CRDA officials seeking employment but in vain. He alleged the government and CRDA cheated unemployed youth by forgetting the employment promise and alleged that minister Mr Narayana announced giving jobs to 29 youth in the temporary capital works which is totally false as no one got employment.

Unemployed youth M. Madhu Prasad and V. Dilip said that the youth of Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha and other states are working in the construction works of temporary capital at Velaga-pudi.

They demanded that the CRDA provide employment in the temporary capital Velagapudi and future Amaravati capital construction works to the unemployed youth who completed training.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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