AAP's anti-graft drive evoked interest: Prithvi Reddy, National Executive of AAP

AAP now seems to be spreading its reach to Bengaluru and Karnataka as a whole.

BENGALURU: Having completed one year in Delhi , the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) now seems to be spreading its reach to Bengaluru and Karnataka as a whole by connecting with the people and taking on corruption issues here. Deccan Chronicle spoke to National Executive of AAP, Prithvi Reddy about its plans for Karnataka.

Excerpts from the interview
AAP has completed a year in Delhi. What are your thoughts on this?
When we first fought the elections, it was more like a dream. After coming to power and delivering in response to public needs it is now more real. We have made a good beginning. We have managed to establish a governance model with honesty and pro-people thoughts. It is just a matter of time before people begin to demand a similar model of governance across the country.

Is AAP’s fight against corruption paying off ?
AAP’s fight has been keenly observed across Karnataka. In Bijapur, Kuruba community leaders say they feel cheated by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah as he has not done anything to solve their problems. They feel let down by him. Also, leaders from other parties who are frustrated with money and caste- based politics, are interested in joining us. They will be inducted shortly.

Recently, Mr Arvind Kejriwal took part in an auto rally here. Is this part of a strategy to focus on Bengaluru?
Not really. The Karnataka chapter of AAP took up the auto issue because there was strong demand from the autorickshaw unions and drivers, who see Mr. Kejriwal as the second most influential person in the country. His taking part in the rally was a coincidence.

What are your plans to strengthen the party in the city?
Concentrating on burning issues is the way we work. We have written to the Chief Minister drawing his attention to several issues and suggesting that growth engines like infrastructure should be spread across the state and not be limited to the city.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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