Don't give in to threatening calls from cyber fraudsters, say state cyber cops

Hyderabad: Cybercrime experts have alerted mobile users to a new scam being adopted by cyber fraudsters to dupe and loot them. In this new method, targeted users get recorded calls from unknown numbers, informing them that their mobile number will be deactivated as it was found to have links with criminal activities.

K.C.S. Raghuveer, TS Cyber Security Bureau superintendent of police, cybercrimes and operations, said police had received complaints of such incidents, though not in large numbers.

“The only way out is to block such numbers and not give in to their demands or share any personal or financial information. Users should also e more cautious about clicking on web links from unknown sources,” he said.

Raghuveer said that people receiving such calls can report about them to the police.

In this new method, the targeted users first get a recorded call with certain instructions. If they try to check the authenticity, the fraudsters may make video calls and threaten the users that they will be arrested. They might also send fake notices to the users impersonating police agencies.

After putting the users under fear, the fraudsters will pretend to help the user and collect the users’ bank details and then siphon money from them.

How it works

Target gets a recorded call with certain instructions.

Caller tells the user his mobile phone has turned up in police investigation.

Fraudster may make video call and threaten the user with arrest.

Fraudster may send fake notice, impersonating the police.
Fraudster then pretends to help, collects user’s bank details and siphons money.

What to do

Disconnect calls, do not click on unverified links

Do not provide any information

Report such calls to the police


Toll free helpline. 1930

TSCSB helpline. 8712672222

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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