Polls delay repair work at Rashtrapati Nilayam

Secunderabad Cantonment Board officials said they haven't received any official schedule for the President's visit.

Hyderabad: President Ram Nath Kovind is likely to arrive here for his winter sojourn on December 21. The President usually spends this part of the year at Rashtrapati Nilayam in Bolaram. He is expected to stay till December 25.

Usually, the preparations for the President’s visit such as sprucing up the building and ridding it of snakes and dogs and road repairs should have been conducted by now.

Many snakes are removed from the premises every year.

However, according to official information from the Secunde-rabad Cantonment Noard, the work had not started yet.

An official said, “We were busy with the election work. We will start our preparations on Monday.”

It was also mentioned that the Secun-derabad Cantonment Board had not recei-ved any official schedule for Pr-esident Kovind’s visit.

Earlier, this year when the President vi-sited the city to attend the Indian Institute of Technology (IITH) co-nvocation, he stayed at the Bolarum house and the preparations were made much in advance.

Security would be tightened on the routes that lead to Rashtrapati Nilayam.

As is the usual practice, Mr Kovind will receive top politicians and officials. It is the usual practice for the state to host a reception for Mr Kovind, and for the President to hold a dinner.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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