Saline bottles sent for inspection, 20 days for insect report

Samples from infected batch of bottles taken for test.

Hyderabad: Officers of the state Drugs Control Administration on Friday took samples of saline bottles manufactured by well-known firm Fresenius Kabi India Pvt Ltd, to test for contamination after an insect was found in a saline bottle at Gandhi Hospital. The sample was taken from the batch to which the infected bottle belonged.

The DCA also took samples of other intravenous fluids such as dextrose that were also being used in the same ward as the contaminated saline bottle. DCA officials said tests will be conducted on a priority basis but it will still take around 20 days to file a report. It may be recalled that an insect and fungus were found in the saline solution being administered to six-year-old Sai Prabha-lika.

Superintendent of Gandhi Hospital, Dr J. Venkateswara Reddy said that an internal inquiry has been launched and the report will be out in two or three days. No police case has been registered so far. While internal inquiry report is yet to be out, the preliminary findings suggest that the insect may have entered the saline bottle by mistake or due to purposeful tampering with the bottle by Bhikshapati, father of Sai Prabhalika who had snatched it away.

On Friday, when the saline was being administered, the six-year-old girl started shivering and seeing this Bhikshapati snatched the saline bottle and went away; the bottle was with him for close to three hours. The findings also say that the saline bottle was checked and found to be clear before it was administered.

Prabhalika in icu, said to be stable:

Gandhi Hospital deputy superintendent Dr S.V. Masood said on Friday that six-year-old Sai Prabhalika was in a stable condition, though she was still in the ICU due to chronic illness.

A hospital officer said the child was suffering from a critical progressive illness for three years and was admitted to the hospital three months ago for 20 days. Her condition improved and she was discharged. At home she had to breathe through an oxygen mask due to her illness. She was admitted a week ago in Gandhi Hospital with a lung infection.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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