Hamid Ansari drops impeachment of Hyderabad High Court judge

MPs who had signed the petition told Mr Anasri, after an enquiry they realised, the judge's integrity and honesty could not be questioned.

Hyderabad: Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari has set aside a petition submitted by 61 MPs seeking impeachment proceedings against Hyderabad High Court senior judge Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy, after 21 signatories conveyed to him that they were misled by some leaders into signing it.

These MPs told Mr Anasri that after an independent inquiry they found that the judge’s integrity and honesty could not be questioned.

Mr Ansari who was yet to initiate proceedings, dropped the impeachment bid and closed the file as he found that the number of members seeking impeachment did not meet the norm.

As per procedure, the signatures of a minimum of 50 members of the Rajya Sabha or 100 members of the Lok Sabha are required for impeachment proceedings to be initiated.

Though the original petition had the signatures of 61 members, support fell below the required number after 21 MPs, mostly from the Congress, met Mr Ansari and conveyed to him both orally and in writing that they were withdrawing their names from the petition as they had been misled by “somebody” to support the original petition.

According to sources, the 21 MPs have, again in a petition, conveyed to Mr Ansari that “after realising the unimpeachable integrity and dedicated service to society through the institution of judiciary by Justice C.V. Nararjuna Reddy,” they had decided to withdraw from the original petition.

Following this, Mr Ansari decided to drop the initiation of proceedings.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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