Garbage dump in Uppal raises stink

Swatch autos and trucks carrying the rubbish have been dropping chunks of the garbage all over the roads close to the station

Hyderabad: GHMC’s Garbage Transfer Station at Nagole, Uppal, is surrounded by some residential colonies. The area is considered a booming real estate hub and commercial establishments have started flourishing there. Yet, a foul smell emits from the dump yard. Swatch autos and trucks carrying the rubbish have been dropping chunks of the garbage all over the roads close to the station, adding to the mess.

The residents say children and the elderly are frequently falling ill because of the presence of this dump yard. The mosquito menace is also acute and many residents contract malaria, dengue. The civic authorities, they say, are not mindful of their grievances.

“Even for the mosquito repellant sprays and fogging, we need to knock on many officers’ doors.”

Commercial establishments in the vicinity are also facing serious problems. “Customers avoid coming to our shops because of the foul smell. The matter has been taken up with the public representative as well the GHMC but there is no respite,” shop owners say.

Santosh Reddy, Saraswathi Nagar, said, “The garbage is brought here from other circles too, even from LB Nagar. Because of this huge garbage dump, ground water is also getting contaminated. The affected areas are the Saraswathi Colony, Raj Nagar, Surya Nagar, Lakshma Reddy colony, Hanuman Sai Colony, Sai Baba Colony, Sai Ram Colony, Vijayapuri Colony and the New Vijayapuri Colony. These colonies are facing the foul smell round the year. The most-affected are the children, the elderly. They are frequently falling ill.”

Niranjan Kumar, a shopkeeper in one of these colonies, said, “The garbage collection vehicles are parked all over the lanes. While they are moving, garbage falls from them all along the road. This turns the whole area into a mess.”

Mekala Madhusudan of Saraswathi Colony said, “In this winter, we are facing a horrible situation. We have taken the matter up with the local MLA as also the GHMC zonal commissioner, but of no use. The whole area is suffering from mosquito menace. The GHMC doesn't spray mosquito repellant or do fogging. There are many Malaria and dengue cases in these areas.

Suram Shanker of Lakshma Reddy Colony in Uppal said, “This dump yard is in the midst of the colonies. It is also close to the metro station. These colonies are suffering while the metro station also stinks. There is the Shilparamam-2, which is also the victim of this smell.”

The GHMC authorities are not bothered about taking any step either to shift or control the smell and the dirt spread around by the vehicles.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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