Babus Block Funds, Power Supply May Be Hit in Telangana

Hyderabad: D. Prabhakar Rao, the chairman and managing director of the major power utilities – Transco and Genco – on Monday said some IAS officers were not releasing funds and warned that this could cause issues with power supply.

Prabhakar Rao said “some officials, not all, but some IAS officers are unable to digest the progress we have made on the power supply front in Telangana. Despite our successes, despite instructions from the Chief Minister, the funds we are supposed to get are not being released.”

He said he was “not blaming anyone” in particular and added: “Some of these officials, technocrats and financial people, might be jealous of our performance and progress. What is the purpose of this (not releasing funds), is something left for those officials to think about.”

Prabhakar Rao was speaking at the inaugural function of Vidyth Accounts Officers Association building. He said Telangana tops the country with 2,126 units of electricity consumption per person compared to the national average of 1,250 units and this was made possible by the Chief Minister’s commitment to ensure quality and uninterrupted power supply to the people of Telangana.

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