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Adjunct OU Professor In Top 2% Of Researchers Globally

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Published on: October 17, 2023 | Updated on: October 17, 2023
Osmania University's adjunct professor Polavarapu Kavi Kishor.

Osmania University's adjunct professor Polavarapu Kavi Kishor.

 Hyderabad: Osmania University’s adjunct professor Polavarapu Kavi Kishor has been rated among the top 2 per cent of the world's researches by Stanford University. California, after evaluating 44 scientific factors. Prof. Kishor has also served as a visiting professor at universities across the globe.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Prof. Kishor said, "No award or recognition matches the feeling of a job well done." He emphasised that true celebrations happen the day a significant research paper is published.

He added that such achievements and recognitions help people, especially a 73-year-old like himself, push harder to contribute better in whatever small way, for the benefit of science and people around.  Prof. Kishor has authored 302 research papers, written or edited seven books, guided 51 students to their PhDs, and mentored numerous graduate students.

His scientific contributions include a groundbreaking discovery related to the biosynthetic pathway of proline, an amino acid (building blocks of proteins), and its significance in plants' response to abiotic stress. This discovery, which has far-reaching implications, now extends to the realm of cancer biology and its potential therapeutic applications.

"My work also includes unraveling the genome sequences of groundnut and chickpea varieties, leading to two seminal papers published in the journal ’Nature Genetics’. These papers have the potential to revolutionise yield improvement in groundnut and chickpea varieties, particularly in India," he said.

His research delves into the intricate molecular mechanisms involved in crop plants' ability to withstand salt, drought, and high-temperature stresses, offering insights that can help in cultivating crops in saline-affected soils.

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