1.37 lakh fever cases registered in Prakasam

The fevers in Darsi, Addhamki, Marturu, Markapuram, Talluru, and Pedda Dornala as these areas are near Nallamala forests.

TIRUPATI: The increased fever cases worries district administration in Prakasam. More than 1.37 lakh fever cases were registered in the district this year, in which 452 dengue and 149 Malaria cases were recorded. The district administration is not confirming any dengue deaths in the district but in reality there are many fever deaths. The increased toll of fever deaths is really making the medical and health department to worry more.

The increase of cases is clearly observed from past three months in the first half of October 101 dengue cases were registered out of 7541 fever cases. This huge when compared to 121 dengue cases in the month of September and 54 dengue cases in August. Officially there is no single dengue death is registered. The doctors say that most of the patients die with a dengue shock syndrome for which the blood pressure will get low and functioning of organs fail. It is not only low platelets that can cause death in dengue patients, there are many other probabilities.

The medical and health department is also conducting area wise fever survey, checking larval growth and doing space sprays along with conducting medical camps. But the sanitation problem in the district which helps the mosquitoes grow. The fevers are high in Darsi, Addhamki, Marturu, Markapuram, Talluru, Mullamuru, Donakonda and Pedda Dornala as most of these areas are near Nallamala forest region.

Speaking to DC, DMHO, Ms Yasmin said, "We are taking precautions to eradicate mosquitoes. Medical camps are being conducted in all parts of the district. The patients who ever had fever should immediately report at the PHCs nearby. There is no dengue deaths in the district, there are deaths with fevers."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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