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Afghan recalls India's boundless freedom, safety

Deccan Chronicle| Sanjay Samuel Paul

Published on: August 16, 2021 | Updated on: August 17, 2021

Wahidullah Seerat, a resident of Afghanistan's Badakhshan province, had completed his Bachelor's degree from Osmania University

Afghan recalls India's boundless freedom, safety. (By arrangement)

Afghan recalls India's boundless freedom, safety. (By arrangement)

HYDERABAD: Just a day after India celebrated her Independence Day, an Afghan citizen who completed his Bachelor’s degree from Osmania University interpreted the meaning of freedom during a candid rendezvous, in the midst of a national crisis in his motherland. "Hyderabad is like heaven on earth, people are friendly, there is no restrictions and there is so much safety even in the middle of the night," he said.

Wahidullah Seerat, a resident of Badakhshan, a province located in the north east of Afghanistan, said after the American troops left Afghanistan, the Taliban soldiers, who have increased in number, occupied the province. "When they entered, they said they would not harm us, we can live as we were, but should follow Islamic law. Later, they started beating people, and killed those who did not listen to them. women without burqa or hijab were foulmouthed and threatened to shoot them if they spot without hijab," he said.

As soon as the Taliban took over the province, music, movies and dances were banned, but there was no restriction on social media, he added.

"Taliban forces are asking for money as taxes from traders as well as common people based on their wealth, which are much higher comparing to the regular taxes," he said.

Seerat, who completed his Bachelor of Business Management at Nizam College in 2020 Hyderabad on December 2020. He was the president of Afghan Students Association, Hyderabad, with around 400 native students during his stay.  

He said freedom in India and Afghanistan could not be compared. "India is like heaven for us, we have so much of freedom, no restrictions at all, people never bothered us. We all used to feel safe even in the middle of night. Before landing in Hyderabad, I never knew that freedom will be so beautiful," he said.

If given a chance, he said he would come back to Hyderabad and would bring his mother, brothers and sisters too.  "I miss Hyderabad, I miss India. I love the Hussainsagar, as I used to live in Mallapally, whenever we get time, we used to visit this place. Dosa is our all-time favourite food. It used to be our breakfast each day," Seerat said.

"Our lecturers have become our close friends, Madam Swapnika Jaiswal, who used to teach business law was friendly with everyone of us. When these crises happened many of the lecturers called us and spoke and enquired about us," he said.

He said food prices have shot up in Afghanistan, and scarcity of food and necessities was growing.

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