Hyderabad: New Madina opens, no resemblance to the past

It was closed following a fire accident in 2010.

Hyderabad: One of Hyderabad’s best known ‘addas’ the landmark Madina Hotel has reopened after eight years giving Hyderabadis yet another opportunity to sip a cup of Irani chai at the iconic restaurant.

It was closed following a fire accident in 2010.

Historians say that the restaurant is one of the oldest in the city. However, the remodelled restaurant tries very hard to look like a modern hangout where one would rather order a pizza or a burger rather than Hyderabadi biryani and Haleem along with Irani chai and Mughlai dishes.

Incidentally Hyderabadi haleem, now famous the world over, was introduced to the city by one of its Iranian founders, Aga Hussain Zabeth in 1956.

Mr Maqsood Bin Abood Al-Jabri, who has taken over the hotel, says, “It took time to renovate the hotel as there was lot of damage due to the fire. “We hope to attract Hyderabadis and tourists alike to a place that has made a mark in city’s history.”

The round tables and wooden chairs that had a charm of their own are now replaced with padded benches for families. The high ceiling that gave the place its own charm has been redone with PoP; there are huge LED hoardings blocking the arches, giving it a gaudy look.

“It’s an attempt to make it look like a modern restaurant; I don’t see any reason to visit the place again. Once upon a time, it was a favourite haunt for me and my friends,” said Ghulam Jabbar, an engineer.

Madina Hotel was first opened in 1947 in the Madina Building at Pathargatti. The rent from the shop was used to serve Haj pilgrims. Historians say that a dispute between partners was also one of the reasons for the delay in reopening of the hotel.

A resident said, “A decade ago, it was city’s best-run hotel, but now it has to compete with many newcomers who have established themselves.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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