Fake studies hit alternative healthcare system

Ayush receives over 50 complaints on unverified, incorrect info in research papers.

Hyderabad: Unfounded statements and conclusions have been found in research papers and scientific studies on drugs and therapies in the scientific journals of Ayush, leading to more than 50 complaints from the senior faculty and research councils.

There are five research councils of Ayush and they are demanding that any paper which is published must be vetted by the council of alternative medicine so that its authenticity is validated.

Dr Abul Hasan Ashraf, a member of the Central Council for Research in Unani Medicines and a member of the Government Nizamia Tibbi College, explained, “It has been found that there are non-Ayush researchers and scientists who are conducting these studies and publishing them.

“This is resulting in a lot of problems for the alternative stream, which has gained popularity now. We want to protect the stream from such incredible research as it can dent our image.”

The papers which have been published are related to toxic drugs and the unverified and incorrect information in them is leading to confusion in clinical inputs for medical students and also impacting further research which is carried out in government colleges.

The studies published in medical journals are jeopardising the alternative healthcare system.

A senior professor of Ayurveda in a medical college explained, “The research which is being published in these journals is not from medical colleges but is being carried out independently in hospitals. That is why these discrepancies have come up.”

The complaints to the Ayush ministry have been taken into account, and a new set of guidelines have been issued whereby no new research papers can be published without being verified with the five councils of the alternate streams.

These councils will vet the research and also study the inputs of the clinical trials.

Their certification is mandatory for the publication of Ayush research.

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