Caution needed for buying used cars

Also bio-fuel certification is mandatory if the car is fitted with LPG/CNG and a valid PUC.

Hyderabad: The market for second hand cars is very active with a lot of customers preferring second hands because they are comparatively cheaper than new ones. There are, however, a few points which need special attention from the buyers before going for second hand cars.

The important points that need to be noted before purchasing any second hand car are: Get the car and its papers inspected thoroughly. The car should be inspected completely by a mechanic whom you know, said Mr Ravi Kanth, an automobile expert at a showroom.

He added, “The insurance papers should be checked to know whether the car was involved in any accident. Check the engine number and chassis number and cross-check them with the registration papers. Old filters should be replaced with new ones otherwise this can affect the performance of the car. Most importantly check the brakes by driving at a speed of 40-50 kmph and ensure that there is no vibration or screeching noise from the brake pedal. Brakes that pulsate mean that the rotors need replacement.

“The tyres should be checked carefully. They should not be worn out. Also check the surface for feathering which is also known as bad alignment. Checking under the hood for signs of damage dents or rust is necessary because they are the signs of a poorly maintained car or a damaged one,” noted the expert.

“After purchasing the car, the first and foremost step to be taken is to transfer Registration Certificate (RC) to your name by submitting the Forms 29 & 30 in the RTA office,” said Mr. Arvind Kumar a second hand car dealer.

“Simultaneously a buyer should transfer the insurance policy on his/her name and fill the Form 32 & 35 to ensure there are no loans on the car, if there are any or if the car is financed, then obtain an original invoice of the car and an NOC from the car finance company. Also bio-fuel certification is mandatory if the car is fitted with LPG/CNG and a valid PUC. Moreover changing the fluids of the car (such as engine oil, gearbox oil, brake fluid and coolant) after purchase is also important,” noted Arvind.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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