DGP speaks at SHE MPower Summit on safety and well-being

Hyderabad: More than 1,000 delegates took part in the SHE MPower fifth women's conclave, that was held with the theme ‘Accelerate Safety and Well-being in a Sustainable World,” at Jubilee Hills on Friday.

Director General of Police Anjani Kumar who launched two SHE Shuttle Services sponsored by Virtusa and Providence.

Addressing the gathering Anjani Kumar said that with safety protocols in place, technology would be a wonderful servant. Cultivate the culture of protocols, he said.

One aircraft either lands or takes off every minute across the world. There are not many incidents involving aeroplane because of the adherence to strict protocols, standard systems, and checks and balances. These protocols have to be evolved in every field, Anjani Kumar said.

Which is the most populous country in the world, the DGP asked the audience. To stocks of “China” and “India,” Anajni Kumar said it was Facebook. If Facebook was to be a country, it would have 2.4 billion subscribers, more than China or India’s population.

“Facebook knows everything about you. Your date they have is more vulnerable, he said.” He explained how terrorists used more intelligence than police in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.

Dr Gurunath Reddy, CMD of Continental Hospital, said he had demonstrated that women are superior to men. Women’s brains work five times faster than that of men. MRIs show that 70 per cent of neurons in women's brains light up much faster to perform multiple tasks than men, he said

Cyberabad police commissioner Stephen Ravindra said the theme of the conclave was vital to society. “We have come a long way in women-related matters, but there is still a long way to go. Women's rights are still challenged. One of the challenges is the financial well-being of women. Women are financially excluded and iscriminated against.” Ravindra said and pointed out, “Education is the cornerstone for women's empowerment.”

Jennifer Larson, consul general of the US consulate, chief guest at the ceremony, highlighted the importance of women in every area. She presented industry and individual awards in the category of women’s safety and well-being to the respective winners.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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