BJP MLA Raja Singh writes to CEO for enhanced monitoring in Goshamahal

Hyderabad: BJP MLA Raja Singh has written a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer and requested enhanced monitoring and security measures in Goshamahal Constituency.

"I would like to express my deep concerns regarding the conduct of elections in my constituency and the need for a fair and transparent electoral process. I am deeply concerned by the reports of excessive monetary influence being used to sway voters during the elections. Additionally, there have been disturbing incidents where electoral booths were captured and bogus voting was carried out openly in Goshamahal Constituency, even in the presence of law enforcement agencies." read the letter by BJP MLA Raja Singh addressed to Chief Electoral Officer Telangana.

"I acknowledge the challenges in providing concrete evidence, but I believe that the Special Branch may be able to provide authentic information on these incidents. As we approach the 2023 Assembly Elections, I am writing to you for your interference to avoid any such incidents in the ensuing elections," the letter further read.

He also urged CEO Telangana to establish a specialised monitoring team dedicated to Goshamahal Constituency.

"I urge the Election Commission to establish a specialised monitoring team dedicated to Goshamahal Constituency. This team should closely monitor the activities of local leaders from the Congress and BRS parties who are reportedly involved in the distribution of money to influence voters," read the letter.

The MLA requested the deployment of the Rapid Action Force in these areas to maintain law and order, prevent intimidation, and ensure the safety of voters, as rigging and bogus voting by the opposition are putting pressure on both agents to be inside the booth, as small lanes and by-lanes in Dattatreya and Jambagh Division departments should be monitored with CCTV cameras in the above sensitive booths.

"I therefore request your authority to pass the necessary instructions to the authorities to ask the Burkha-clad voters to establish their identity by removing their Burkha at the time of voting," the MLA wrote in the letter.

"I believe that appropriate measures are essential to ensure a clean, transparent, and fair electoral process in Goshamahal Constituency. My primary concern is that opposition parties may attempt to defeat me through unfair means, which would undermine the very essence of democracy." BJP MLA's letter stated.
Telangana is set to witness an intriguing triangular contest between the BRS, Congress, and BJP.

In the previous Assembly elections in 2018, the BRS won 88 of the 119 seats, hogging 47.4 per cent of the total vote share. The Congress finished a distant second with 19 seats and a vote share of 28.7 per cent.

Polls in Telangana will be held on November 30 and counting of votes will take place on December 3.

( Source : ANI )
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