Thrissur: 2 cops booked for torture of Vinayakan in custody

The accused cops were reinstated after a suspension of six months.

Thrissur: Crime Branch here has filed a charge sheet in the case related to the suicide of teenager Vinayakan, a resident of Engandiyur here, who allegedly committed suicide after he was picked up by Paravarty police and brutally tortured in custody on false charges.

Vinayakan who belongs to scheduled caste was picked by cops while he was speaking to his girl friend on the road and was brutally tortured after which he committed suicide by hanging inside his house the next day. The incident was in 2017.

Speaking to DC investigation officer CB DySP V A Ullas said that there were two cases in connection with the death of the youth. One is suicide case and the other is one based on SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

The charge sheet filed is the one based on SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act and the charge sheet on the suicide case has not yet been filed.

“There is no charge of abetment of suicide against two cops- Sajan and Sreejit- of Pavaratty station. However, there is evidence of custodial torture of which friend of Vinayakan, Sarath is a witness. The forensic doctors who conducted postmortem have also given statements corroborating brutal custodial torture,” Mr Ullas said.

Sarath was taken into custody along with the victim and he was also allegedly subjected to custodial torture.

There is evidence of attempt to pull out the hair of the Vinayakan, pressing his nipples with a hard object and stamping on his body with boots, he added.

The accused cops were reinstated after a suspension of six months.

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