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Telangana Govt unveils new LRS

Published Oct 16, 2019, 12:56 am IST
Updated Oct 16, 2019, 12:56 am IST
The Layout Regularisation Scheme (LRS) will be applicable only to the newly constituted municipalities and municipal corporations.
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Hyderabad: The state government on Tuesday issued orders for the regularisation of unapproved and illegal layouts in the newly constituted municipal corporations and municipalities.

The Layout Regulari-sation Scheme (LRS) will be applicable only to the newly constituted municipalities and municipal corporations. This will be applicable for plots renewed on or before March 30, 2018. In case of municipalities and municipal corporations falling in HMDA limits, the HMDA will regularise the plots.


According to the statement released by the state government, in case of old municipalities and corporations, the Direc-torate of Town and Coun-try Planning will regularise them. Applications are to be made to the res-pective urban local body (ULB) or urban development authority (UDA).

No layout or development activity should be allowed on the beds of water bodies like rivers and nalas and in the full tank level (FTL)/buffer zone of any lake, pond, cheruvu or kunta and in shikam lands and other prohibited categories.

This will be also applicable in case of sites in the vicinity of oil/gas pipelines, clear distance and other stipulations of the respective authority should be complied with in areas covered under GO 111 dated March 8, 1996, and sites which are earmarked for industrial zone/recreational zone/ water body or open space use in notified master plans/zonal development plans. Devlopmental activities can be taken up in open spaces ear-marked in any approved layout.

As per the new LRS scheme, penal charges are linked to land values i.e., more penal amount for plots having more market value and less for plots with less market value and small plots and increases depending upon the size of plots.

If required open spaces for parks are not available, applicants have to pay proportionate open space charges. These opens space charges will be levied based on market value prevailing as on the date of registration. Applications will be processed online only. About 90 days time are given for submission of LRS applications.

Only 10 per cent of total amount or `10,000, whi-chever is less, has to be paid as initial payment along with the application. The rest is to be paid after the issue of authorisation letter by HMDA/ DTCP.

LRS approval will be given within six months from the date of payment of full amount. In case of sites falling in areas other than for residential use, conversion charges will be levied (except for sites earmarked for recreational/water bodies/buffer zone/industries. In case of rejection, appeals can be filed before the appellate authority.

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