If God wills, I will enter politics tomorrow: Rajinikanth

The iconic star also had a word of good advice to his 'fans and Tamil people'-keep away from smoking and alcohol.

Chennai: Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth took the political circles by surprise and invigorated his frenzied fans on Monday when he dropped enough hints he was not averse to joining politics. He would become a politician “if that’s God’s will” and if that happens, he declared, there would be no place in his party for those wanting to make money out of politics.

Kollywood’s Baasha met his fans after a gap of eight years granting them individual photo sessions at his Raghavendra marriage hall, keeping a promise he had made some time back — it was quickly interpreted as a signal that he was getting ready for the long-awaited political avatar. In his speech of about 20 minutes before the long queue for the photo session began, he said, “God decides what we must do in life. Right now, He wants me to be an actor. If God wills, I will enter politics tomorrow”.

The packed hall reverberated with the lusty cheering of the overjoyed fans.
Just as he worked in cinema with honesty and sincerity, he would also practice high values in public life and politics, declared the 66-year-old star. And that’s why there would be no place with him for the corrupt. “Those hoping to make money (by wrong means) can pack up and leave, right now”.

Such unsavoury things did occur in the past, Rajini noted. He had made a 'mistake' some 21 years ago by announcing support for a political alliance (DMK-TMC). It was a "political accident" that in later years encouraged some of his fans to misuse his name to make money out of politicians and political parties. While these fans made money, politicians used them to make it appear that they enjoyed his (Rajini) support. "And that's why I issued clear statements during every election that I do not support any political party", he said.

Regretting that he could not meet his fans as regularly as he had wished, Rajini said the earlier meetings had to be put off for various reasons. But those postponements triggered media reports that concluded he lacked guts to take a plunge and wavered on critical decisions.

"But I think deeply, wisely, before taking a decision. If you step into water and find crocodiles there, you shouldn't choose to be brave and refuse to quickly withdraw. Such blind courage will take you nowhere," he said.

Referring to some reports that he had indulged in 'such stunts' (triggering expectation of his political launch) before the release of his film to ensure its success at the box office, Rajini said, "I don't need to do such things as I have always enjoyed the blessings of my fans and the Tamil people. My fans are not fools to be deceived by such means. A film will succeed only if it is good. Even if you do somersaults, bad content will flunk".

The iconic star also had a word of good advice to his 'fans and Tamil people'-keep away from smoking and alcohol and they not only destroyed physical health but also hugely diminished the mental faculties.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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