Himachal Pradesh BJP chief Satpal Satti uses foul language for Rahul Gandhi

Leader recalls word used by Facebook user.

Chandigarh: Himachal Pradesh BJP chief Satpal Satti hit a new low in politics. He recalled the use of M-word (an expletive) by a Facebook user on Rahul Gandhi. Taking a jibe at Rahul Gandhi the BJP leader, recalled what the Facebook user used the word after Rahul Gandhi said: “Chowkidar chor hai,” something Rahul has been freely using in his speeches against the NDA government and PM Narendra Modi.

Satti said that if Mr Gandhi can call Prime Minister Narendra Modi — who refers to himself as India’s chowkidar (watchman) — a thief, he is also free to abuse him.

“Rahul Gandhi is out on bail, his mother is out on bail, his brother-in-law is out on bail, and yet he calls the Prime Minister a thief.” He went on to say, a Punjabi man asked me to convey this to you with a heavy heart, and that inspires me to tell you this. If PM Modi is a thief, you are a ma*****od,” he was heard saying in a video widely circulated on social media.

The incident took place Satti was addressing a gathering in Baddi. While many leaders from the BJP have said that Satti should have been more careful in choosing his words, there has been no apology yet.

Former state Congress president Sukhvider Singh Sukhu said that Satti has lost his mental balance after loss in the assembly elections last year and is still very bitter.

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