\'Conduct probe against educational authorities in event of complaint of corruption\'

The government schools were capable of being elevated as high ranking institutions.

Chennai: Pointing out that there is a growing trend of corruption amongst the higher authorities in education department, the Madras high court has said the vigilance and anti-corruption department must conduct investigations against authorities of the education department in the event of any inputs or otherwise.

Justice S.M.Subramaniam said though the present petition is filed, questioning the Aadhar enabled biometric attendance system, this court is bound to discuss all the issues connected with such discipline, in view of the fact that imparting quality education to the children of our great nation, is the future of our nation. Imparting best education is the ambition of our constitution. Unless the Constitutional courts show some sensitiveness in such matters, the courts are failing in its duty to thrive hard to achieve the Constitutional goals, the judge added.

Observing that there may be opinion that the court is little bit deviating the issues raised in the writ petition, the judge said, “Judges are not goldsmiths. Goldsmiths can create ornaments as per the orders placed by their customers. Judges are bound to look in and around the society and in the event of noticing the unconstitutionality or illegality or paralyzation of developmental activities, then duty mandates on the constitutional courts to initiate appropriate action for the purpose of eradicating or to declare such activities as unconstitutional. Thus, it is not as if, the constitutional courts while exercising the powers under Article 226 of the Constitution of India must decide only the relief and the pleadings, the judge added.

The judge said the excellence in education was expected to be achieved only on the performance of the teachers in imparting education to the children in government schools. The government schools were capable of being elevated as high ranking institutions. However, this can be achieved if the teachers and the authorities of the education department have taken an oath. However, these teachers and administration was not at all interested. They were much interested in their personal gains than thinking about the development of our great nation. These teachers were self concentrated and not interested in imparting best education to the children. Though these teachers were highly qualified and capable of teaching, they were neglecting their duties by committing misconduct of dereliction of duty, the judge added.

The judge said in the case on hand, if a teacher has chosen to challenge the full proof attendance system introduced by the government, how one can expect from a teacher that they will teach discipline to their own students.

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