River Godavari dries up near Basar

This unusual situation is worrying the people in the surrounding locality.

NIZAMABAD: River Godavari has dried up near the borders of undivided Nizamabad and Adilabad districts.

A desert like situation is being witnessed at Basar, a temple town on the banks of the river. Devotees are finding it difficult to take a holy dip in the once-mighty river.

Pushkar ghats have sta-rted looking like drains as there is no strength in the flow of water. This unusual situation is worrying the people in the surrounding locality.

Outflow from Srirama-sagar project has adversely affected the water flow between Babli project to SRSP. Due to the hot weather, water in the river has evaporated and the underneath sand has surfaced. Cattle gazers and shepherds are now easily crossing the once mighty but now dried up river with their animals. Lift ir-rigation schemes started on both sides of the river have also turned defunct.

Thanks to irrigation projects across the river Godavari, the natural flow of water is completely obstructed. As a result, water needs of people and animals on the banks of river Godavari are advers-ely affected. The temples on the banks of river have been facing great difficulties with water shortage.

Meanwhile, SRSP officials have decided to stop the release of water from April 16 onwards. “Due to the successful completion of Yasangi (rabi) water schedule, all the canals will be closed,” said executive engineer P. Rama Rao. Water flow will once again be seen in the Godavari river from the month of July with the advent of monsoons. For the next three months though, the river will continue to remain dry.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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