Prof luring to compromise on morality; Academic world in shock over incident

An audio clip of a woman professor from Aruppukottai college luring girl students to compromise' on their morals to earn money.

Chennai: Bringing out even more starkly the sordid scale of corruption and debauchery existing in higher education institutions in the State, an audio clip of a woman professor from Aruppukottai college luring girl students to ‘compromise’ on their morals to earn ‘money and academic progress’ has emerged, much to the shock of academics in the state.

The voice in the controversial clip has been identified as that of P.Nirmala Devi, an assistant professor of Maths department at Devanga Arts College (autonomous) in Aruppukottai, Virudhunagar district. She was allegedly luring four of her students to do sexual favours in return for money and academic progress including getting high marks in the annual exams.

In the 19-minute long audio clip, the undergraduate students said they were not interested and yet the woman professor persists saying it is for a ‘very, very high-level person’ and asked them to consider it ‘favourably’.

“To get some jobs done, the top officials in the Madurai Kamaraj University expect college students. You will understand things easily,” she suggestively said about the compromise. She even promised them that the amount would be transferred to their bank accounts and things will be kept very confidential and privacy would be maintained.

She also went on saying some top officials from the Madurai Kamaraj University have handed over the task after carefully examining her for months.The audio clip, which was doing rounds in the past few days, went viral on Sunday as some television channels aired it.

While speaking to reporters, Nirmala Devi admitted it is her voice on the audio and said, “students misunderstood the conversation.” She also said she did not receive any official communication from the college stating the reason for her suspension.

Devanga Arts College secretary R.Ramasamy said that after receiving complaints from the students the college management suspended Nirmala Devi. He said after hearing her version the college will form a disciplinary committee to inquire into the issue.

A.R.Nagarajan, adviser to the NET SLET association said the professor's conduct has brought disrepute to the entire teaching fraternity. “Apart from the disciplinary proceedings, the higher education department should initiate criminal action against her,” he demanded.

Sources in the higher education department said it is a very serious issue and the Madurai Kamaraj University Vice-Chancellor was asked to file a police complaint on this issue. “After the police inquiry, severe action will be taken against the persons whoever found to be involved in this,” they said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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