BJP will bring revolutionary socio-economic change in 2022: Modi

The Prime Minister also hailed the efforts of BJP president Amit Shah, saying that he was the ideal model of an able strategist.

Bhubaneswar (Odisha): Pitching the formula of a 'pro-active and pro-people' governance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday exuded confidence about the NDA Government coming to power yet again, adding that his party will in 2022 bring about a social economic change which will make India number one economically.

Briefing the media about the Prime Minister's address in the BJP National Executive meeting today, Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said, "The Prime Minister pitched a new India political thought his speech with the main focus on 'Janadhan, Vandhan and Jaldhan'."

"Under Janadhan, 28 crore have opened bank accounts under the government's policy. But for the remaining two policies, the Prime Minister said that we need to work honestly, as our policies have given faith to the people," he added.

Talking about the all round development of the country in terms of economy and social equality, the Prime Minister emphasized on envisaging an India sans discrimination of any kind.

"Making the poor man as a central point and to make his life sustainable, the thought of 'new India' is to free the poor man from unemployment and hunger. This was pitched by the Prime Minister," Gadkari said.

Elaborating on the Prime Minister's P2 and G2 formula, the Union Minister further said that they stand for pro active-pro people and Good Governance respectively.

"These will not be achieved through talks alone only. In 2022, when we will be in power we will bring that social economic change which will make our nation number one economically," Gadkari added.

Asserting that triple talaq was a menace crippling the lives of Muslim women in India, Prime Minister Modi today called on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to attack the issue on a grass-root level.

"Our Muslim sisters deserve justice. We should try to solve this issue at the district level. We should also proceed on the formula of a new India. We can't simply move forward on a slow pace, but charge ahead with full speed," the Prime Minister said.

Making an intervention during the discussion on the motion for granting constitutional status to the national commission for backward classes, the Prime Minister highlighted there are sections among the Muslims, who are backwards, adding that they should be included in the discussion over backward classes.

Prime Minister Modi also launched an attack on the Opposition over the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) matter, saying they are trying to churn up rows particularly ahead of the MCD polls.

"Opposition is concoction new issues in a factory of some kind. During the Delhi elections, Church attacks were the highlights and during the Bihar polls 'Award Wapasi' was the issue. And right now it is the EVM," the Prime Minister said during the meeting.

However, Prime Minister Modi also called on the BJP leaders to maintain caution while making statements and not get carried away with emotions and make untoward remarks.

"If there are any complaints then the matter should be passed on to the party leaders, who will convey it to me," he said.

The Prime Minister also called on the BJP to not get too excited over the recent state assembly elections victory and ensure they keep the momentum going.

"The BJP will launch a special campaign for those 120 Lok Sabha seats which have been out of our reach," he added.

The Prime Minister also hailed the efforts of BJP president Amit Shah, saying that he was the ideal model of an able strategist.

( Source : ANI )
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