Passengers at Kolkata airport to be subjected to standard operating procedure

State health authorities issue protocol to streamline screening and quarantine referrals

Kolkata: Rattled Passengers landing at the Kolkata airport will be classed into three categories, high-risk (A), medium risk (B) and low risk (C), as per a standard operating procedure (SOP) drafted by the West Bengal government to streamline their screening for coronavirus symptoms.

Those falling in Category A will have to undergo mandatory isolation; those in Category B require monitoring, while Category C people are advised home quarantine.

Issued by the health department, the SOP makes particular mention of passengers coming in from seven countries: China, Democratic Republic of Korea, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Iran.

Under Category A, a passenger having fever, cough and shortness of breath with a history of travel to or residence in a country/area or territory reporting local transmission of COVID-19 disease will be "segregated from others and sent for isolation."

In Category B, an asymptomatic passenger coming from any of the seven countries listed and any elderly (above 60) passenger who is hypertensive, diabetic or asthmatic will be shifted to a dedicated quarantine facility and monitored daily for 14 days. In case they develop symptoms, they will be

In Category C, an asymptomatic passenger coming from any COVID-19 affected country will be kept under home quarantine and monitored for 14 days. If they develop fever/cough/difficulty in breathing within 14 days, they should immediately call the national helpline (011-23978046) for further management.

The health department is also setting up inter-state check points for screening and surveillance across districts.

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