Kozhikode: Students chip in, make less privileged happy

Raise funds through charity expo at school.

KOZHIKODE: In connection with the SALT programme (Skills & Attitude for Life Transformation), students of Start Right School, Kozhikode are doing their bit to contribute towards the happiness of the underprivileged people in the society, said a press release.

As part of their social commitment programme the students gifted many things of utility for the inmates of various philanthropic institutions in the city in the last few years.

Racks for placing plastic containers for keeping groceries and other items were gifted individually to all the inmates of DD Home, a rehabilitation centre for people cured from leprosy but abandoned by relatives. Also they have contributed for arranging facilities for the boys of Free Birds Open Shelter Home to play in the backyard of their home.

During the previous years too, the students gifted good quality bed sheets & pillows for the inmates of Poor Home at West Hill, stylish dining chairs for the girls home of Free Birds Open Shelter Home and big wash basin for the boys home of Free Birds.

The students conduct charity exhibition in the school and the fund raised is given to orphanages and old age homes. The events at the philanthropic institutions are being executed in association with the NGO Arm of Joy.

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