Government school teachers above 45 years of age want to be spared poll duty

The general opinion is that teachers don’t have much work, but in reality there is a lot to do. says a government school teacher.

Bengaluru: Government school teachers in and around the city are planning to write to their respective Block Education Officers (BEO) requesting them not to depute teachers above 45 years of age on election duty.

The teachers said that elections are playing a spoilsport as initial part of their summer vacation would be spent attending training sessions and carrying out election duties. Teachers over 45 years old said that they find it difficult to be part of the election process with a number training sessions and meetings ahead of polls.

Some of the teachers Deccan Chronicle spoke to said that they preferred not to be part of the election duty as they are posted to remote areas with no proper facilities. At least, this time, they said, they want senior teachers to be spared of this strenuous work.

Kalavathi (name changed), a government school teacher, who is 54 years old, said, “We wait for summer breaks. But even during summer vacations, teachers have to take turns to monitor mid-day meals. Also, we are asked to attend training sessions and carry out official work. Now that we have elections, a number of meetings are scheduled. We don’t get enough break to refresh ourselves to start the next academic year.”

She said the general opinion is that teachers don’t have much work, but in reality there is a lot to do. “The government should consider an age limit for election duty. When they have age limit for everything, why can’t they have one for this too?”

Another teacher from Hoskote said, “It is unfair as we hardly get any break. We have so much to do throughout the year and at times, we are forced to attend training sessions that we would have already attended. This election duty is unbearable and there needs to be an alternative. We will definitely take this issue up, if not now, at least in the coming days.”

When asked if he is receiving any letters from teachers requesting not to be deputed on election duty, a BEO said that he has not got any such letter, but has been getting requests orally from teachers not to deploy them on election duty, saying it would affect their travel and other plans. “We are aware that government teachers are overburdened with so many training sessions and meetings even during holidays. But we cannot do anything about it, as orders come from the government,” he said.

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