Hyderabad: CBSE Class 12 Accountancy paper leak' has social media in a tizzy

The board ordered probe into the Accountancy paper leak on WhatsApp and social media.

Hyderabad: Panic has been created among students after the Class XII accountancy paper of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was allegedly leaked on ‘WhatsApp’.

Students who took the exam on Thursday feared they would have to undergo a re-examination. However, CBSE said there was no leak.

The paper had reportedly been doing the rounds since yesterday on WhatsApp and social media.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia received a complaint of the leak on Wednesday night and tweeted saying he asked DEOs to investigate and lodge a complaint with CBSE.

“Received complaints about the Class 12 CBSE Accountancy paper being leaked. Have asked officers of Directorate of Education to investigate and lodge a complaint with CBSE. Swift action must be taken, so that hard-working students don’t suffer due to negligence of CBSE,’’ the tweet said.

“If a particular centre is at fault then let not all the students suffer,’’ he said.
But students in Hyderabad were unaware of the leak. Sree Kruthi, who appeared for accountancy exam in Hyderabad today said, “We were not aware of the paper leak until we came home. There was so much panic created on social media and in our WhatsApp groups because it is not so easy to write the exam again because we had put so much effort all these days.”

Another student Jasleen feared that the valuation would be strict owing to the alleged leak. “We were not even involved in this and so I think there should be no strict valuation,” she added.

Aishwarya Perambai said that with the CBSE doing away with moderation, valuation would be strict and the leak would make it stricter. “We worked hard all these days and we will be at loss,’’ she feared, adding that re-examination would be a big mess.

CBSE: No leak; orders probe into ‘mischief’

The Central Board of Secondary Education denied paper leak on Thursday and said all the seals had been found intact at all the exam centres.

The board ordered probe into the accountancy paper reportedly being leaked on WhatsApp and social media.

The official CBSE statement said, “There has been no paper leakage of the question paper and all the seals have been found intact at all the exam centres during the process of examination. Some miscreants at the local level have tried to play mischief by circulating messages through WhatsApp and other social media to disturb the sanctity of examinations.” The entity said strict action would be taken against such activities.

No chance of leak, say teachers

Accountancy teachers in Hyderabad CBSE schools said there was no chance of leak because examination centres were very strict as they themselves were not allowed entry.

P. Obul Reddy Public School teacher G. Srinivas said, there was tight security at centres and teachers were not allowed inside. “It might be a rumour to create panic, because paper leak is impossible. The question paper was not at all tough.”

Hyderabad Public School Principal Dr Narsimha Reddy said, CBSE conducted exams very meticulously and some miscreants indulge in such unlawful practices which disturb young children.

Hyderabad Sahodaya Schools Complex Vice-Chairperson said there was no issue and the exam processes were carried out stringently under board guidelines. “This is the first time we are hearing about a Watsapp paper leakage which is very strange,’’ she added.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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