Khammam: Candidates delay fitness test date for more practice

Entrants provide medical certificates claiming health issues.

Khammam: Candidates, who are undergoing physical fitness tests to get selected for police constable posts, have been trying to postpone their test date.

Passing of the 800 metre run in 170 seconds is crucial in the physical fitness test. If a candidate does not fulfil this requirement, then he is declared unfit for selection.

An official said, “These candidates want to postpone the test date just to get more practice. But, the schedule is being disturbed by this.”

The physical fitness test commenced on February 11 and the police administration planned to complete the process of conducting tests of 27,502 candidates by March 16. However, many of the candidates produced medical certificates by claiming health problems and seek to postpone their physical fitness test date.

These candidates passed the preliminary test and they now have to pass in the physical fitness test. After this they appear for a written test and good marks here signals selection as constables.

Earlier, the officials used to allow the request for postponing the test date. But, it became a problem after many of the students began coming up with medical certificates from doctors. About 100 out of every 1,000 candidates had submitted such certificates. Consequently, the administration constituted a team of doctors and officials to verify whether the medical certificates were genuine or not.

The team members called the doctors who signed the certificates and enquired about the health problem of the candidate. Then the certificates were rejected and candidates asked to attend the test on the said date.

On Friday, about 990 candidates attended the physical fitness test against 1,300 supposed to come. About 310 candidates did not attend the tests. But the officials announced that the candidates who got permission from the police commissioner would be allowed for the test.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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