Thiruvananthapuram: Teachers turn hi-tech-savvy in classrooms

Of the student respondents, 43,061 or 25 per cent have a computer at home.

Thiruvananthapuram: Impact assessment on the first phase of the hi-tech school project in Class 8 to 12 by Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) says it was a success.

The implementing agency's survey says 92 per cent of teachers use the system effectively while 96 per cent found its Samagra resource portal useful.

Of students, 1.61 lakh said its laptops and projectors were good while 1.68 lakh found the digital contents displayed in the classrooms visible to all.

Of the student respondents, 43,061 or 25 per cent have a computer at home.

KITE completed the study through a school survey initiated in November using a specific questionnaire.

It covered 178,871 students and 60,776 teachers in 4,742 schools. Education minister C. Raveendranath had wanted phase-to-phase progress review.

It found 73,333 teachers using laptops and projectors effectively and 13,489 able to create digital contents while 69,611 enrolled on Samagra after undergoing training.

For 54,652 or 94 per cent teachers, these equipment are convenient for teaching while 16,928 use Samagra App.

Of student respondents, it selected five in random from every division to fill up the questionnaire.

"Based on the inputs, we have made mechanisms for areas which require specific interventions," said K. Anvar Sadath, its executive director.

"As a continuation to the survey, we'll conduct an audit on the project in all schools in February," added the general education secretary A. Shajahan.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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