Siddaramaiah unveils roadmap for North Karnataka region

Belagavi: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah unveiled a comprehensive roadmap comprising eight major assurances aimed at propelling the development of the North Karnataka region.

He made these assurances on the concluding day of the Belagavi Session on Friday.

Addressing the pressing issue of regional imbalances, the Chief Minister announced the formation of a high-powered committee, led by an expert economist, tasked with evaluating the implementation and outcomes of the Nanjundappa Report.

The report submitted in 2002, conducted by Prof DM Nanjundappa, meticulously examined regional imbalances within the state and categorized taluks based on a cumulative development index. It proposed resource allocations to uplift underdeveloped taluks to the level of their developed counterparts.

"It has been 21 years since the Nanjundappa report was submitted. Despite the allocation of Rs 61,330 crore through the North Karnataka and Kalyana Karnataka Area Development Board, with Rs 42,000 crore already expended, there hasn't been the anticipated improvement in the Human Development Index, the Chief Minister said.

He emphasized the need for a High-Powered Committee to assess the report's implementation and outcomes.

In a proactive measure to support farmers during drought, Siddaramaiah announced the complete waiver of interest for farmers who repay the principal of medium and long-term loans in cooperative banks.

To stimulate economic growth in North Karnataka, the Chief Minister revealed plans for a new industrial area spanning approximately 2000 acres near Belagavi. Additionally, a foundry cluster will be established in a 500-acre area, with special attention given to the growth of aerospace-based industries in the district.

Furthering industrial development, the Chief Minister disclosed the establishment of a new industrial area covering 3000 acres near Dharwad, complementing the existing industrial cluster in the district.

Recognizing the high cotton production in Raichur, special emphasis was pledged to the establishment of cotton-based industries in the district, fostering economic development and local employment opportunities.

The development agenda extends to Vijayapura, where the Chief Minister promised a manufacturing cluster covering 1500 acres. The Siddaramaiah announced upgrading the Water and Land Management Institute (WALMI) in Dharwad to a Center of Excellence for Water Management.

Highlighting the rich tourism potential in North Karnataka, the Chief Minister pledged to formulate a comprehensive Action Plan for Tourism Development, aiming to create employment opportunities in the region.

"We follow through on our commitments. We guarantee that these assurances will indeed be honored," declared Siddaramaiah.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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